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Air Purification Series

How it Works
directions for use

Things to note for Home / Office models:

It is advisable to change water daily or at least every alternate day. Add the aroma essence again on the 2nd day of usage. Do not submerge the top cover into water or wash under a running tap.

Things to note for Car / Desktop / Travel models:

1. Lift Top cover.

2. Fill water container with clean water up to maximum line.

3. Add 1/2 squirt (approximately 2-3ml) of Aroma essence into water.

4. Replace Top cover making sure it is properly fitted as some models require turning clockwise to secure the top cover before switching on the machine.

5. The car model does not require changing of water daily. Simply add more aroma essence on 2nd or 3rd day of usage and change water completely on the 4th day.

6. Similar to the bigger models, do not wash the top cover under running tap.

7. Use only a moist cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust around the motor.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Essential Oil is Water base and 100% Biodegradable extract from plant, non toxic, no alcohol, and no chemical. Unlike general fragrances, all Bioaire essential oil formulated with VITA OXIDE are able to eliminate H1N1, odours, germs, bacteria, cigarette smell, second hand smoke, repel insects, stimulates respiration and also provides full ranges of aroma.

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