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Apricot Peach Essential Oil


Peaches are native to China and bring various health and skincare benefits.

Benefits of Apricot Peach essential oil:

  • Protect skin from UV radiation
  • Better digestion
  • Boost collagen levels
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Product Information 

Peaches and apricots are both popular stone fruits that are similar in colour and shape. Despite their similarities, they both have distinct characteristics and benefits. Apricots are much smaller in size as compared to peaches. Though both fruits belong to the same family, they are different species. They consist high levels of potassium, beta carotene and vitamin C and commonly included in dishes and desserts. Both fruits taste and smell sweet.

Health Benefits of Apricot Peach Essential Oil

Peaches are native to China and bring various health and skincare benefits. They consist of extensive amount of minerals as well as antioxidants that help to fight diseases and reduce aging signs. Study has also proven that compounds in peach are able to moisturise and improve skin condition. It can also protect skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation when applied. On the other hand, Apricots or Armenian plums offer benefits in areas such as digestion and eyecare. They also consist abundant of nutrients and antioxidants that could protect your body against oxidative stress. Apricots also play a part in skincare by reducing wrinkles and skin damage. Compounds found in apricot boosts collagen levels that makes skin more elastic.The apricot peach essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruits. It not only has a delightful and fresh scent but is especially effective in skincare. It is one of the best essential oils that moisturises and softens skin and eases irritated skin.

How to use Apricot Peach Essential Oil:

Using an Aroma Mist Diffuser

Many research and health studies have shown that the best way of enjoying the benefits of essential oils is when the essential oil molecules are inhaled directly into the body. This can be easily achieved by using an aroma mist diffuser. Follow our simple steps below to learn how you can enjoy the health benefits of essential oils comfortably in your home or office.

Step 1: Pick a location

When positioning the location of where to place the aroma mist diffuser, choose a space in your home or office with a level surface or solid tabletop. You will also need a power outlet. It is recommended to have a placemat below the machine since water is being used.

Step 2: Fill up with water

Remove the cover and fill the diffuser reservoir tank with clean water. Fill it up to just below the water line. All our mist diffusers have a water level line on the inside of the reservoir. Be sure not to exceed the water line.

Step 3: Add your favourite essential oils

Simply add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oils into the water. Secure the lid back in place, and we are good to go! For larger open areas like office or workplaces, it is recommended to use up to 6-10 drops of oil for a stronger scent.

Best used with: Lavender, Lavender Tea Tree


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